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We are the online cartoon logo experts and have been since 1999 when we built our first cartoon website. We provide professional quality logos, the latest digital files including vector art and "All Copyrights" to your individual design.

We draw everything from scratch in the good old US of A and have hundreds of clients throughout the world. This website is the backup site for The Curtoons Cartoon Company and contains many additional logo designs not found in our other portfolio.

Look around and enjoy our cartoon logo samples and ideas and also learn more about logo design, copyrights, cartooning and more!
Funny Cartoon Character Logo
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Mascots and Funny CharactersFunny Dog Cartoon Logo

We specialize in cartoon logos, funny characters and humorous illustration. That's what we do!

If you need something funny for your business or a cartoon graphic for your company please let us know and we'll sharpen our pencils and get to drawing an original design especially for you.

We'll create anything from a singing dog to a funny golfing cow. Simply describe to us what your needs are and we'll get busy sketching a rough draft. You'll be a part of the entire process and we won't stop until you're 100% satisfied.
Funny Cartoon Golfing Cow
Our logo design rates range from $200 for a simple cartoon font style design to a $300 original funny character and an average of $600 for a professional combination of lettering, character and tag line.

We provide the very important vector .AI and .EPS files needed for high quality printing. And upon final payment, all copyrights are yours!

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We've been creating funny graphic designs and illustrations from Enid, OK since 1981 and began working for clients worldwide in 1999. This is our back up website for our main cartoon logo business at

We'll post many of our newest cartoon logos so stop by often for design ideas, creative advice and portfolio samples.

A funny logo design or image on your promotional items will not only bring pleasurable impressions about your company, product or service, but it also provides you with low cost marketing materials.

Funny Beaver Logo

Funny Beaver Cartoon Logo

We love our Woody's design! We combined a cool character with a wooden, funny font and added a bit of the outdoors. If you need a combination of multiple elements, look no further than us!
Funny Beer Logo

Funny Beer Bike Logo Design

Lenny has asked us to create more than one logo. He came back and asked us to create a funny character based on his beer bike along with the act of drinking which is a big part of the tour. We combined a beer keg with elements of a bike to come up with this cool design.

Cartoon Logo Design

Cartoon Eagle Logo

Another one of our favorite cartoon designs. This fun eagle is representing a group of bike riders as told by his helmet and the bugs in his teeth. Adding humor to any logo will help draw attnetion.
Funny Character Logo

Eskimo Cow Cartoon Logo

When asked to design an eskimo cow character, we were thrilled. This wacky cow is not only decked out in eskimo gear but he's sitting on an ice cube. We love to add fun elements to our logo designs.
"Since 1999 I've been drawing cartoon designs for clients in most every major country in the world. Please let me send you a quote for your own top quality cartoon logo." ~ Curtis D. Tucker
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If you need a cartoonist to create a custom design for your business just email today ~ Logo Quote. Surf over to or for more portfolio samples and cartoon information.

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